In 1993 the « Summer of Love 88″ was 5 years old and DJ Alex returned from a season performed in several Spanish Techno Club.


He listens and buys imports from all over Europe, and discovers an impressive choice in the region of Valencia;  He frequents most Spanish Clubs and DJ Arturo ACTV, Fran SPOOK FACTORY, José Conca chocolate, Kike Jaen N.O.D.  Alex actually benefits his friends and multiplies these round trips between Toulouse and Spain where he regularly happens and reports more and more vinyl labels and shops like the ZigZag, Animal, Contrasena or the pyramid of El Corte Ingles in Valencia. Professionals and amateurs of electronic music meet to buy vinyls with Eloy and Myriam Alexander Levrier opens one of the first Shop in the south of France in Toulouse Rue Cujas: Sonido_del_Futuro. (New and used).  It becomes a « place to be » of Techno culture in France. Professionals come to buy the latest « patties » amateurs come to listen to this music, buy or exchange tapes recorded during a Rave or retrieve flyers…. It is the time when convoys are formed to participate in the major Techno festivals of this era: universe, Street Parade, Tribal Gattering, Love Parade, the team of Sonido organizes buses to participate in major events: Cosmic Energy, Transeruption . … It is an opportunity to meet or collaborate with artists like David CARRETTA, Christian VARELA, Liza’n Elia all pioneers of this new musical style. The Adventure Sonido del Futuro (SDF Records) ends in 1997 and will lead to the creation of another Shop: Pub the Big Bull.   Since the closure of Sonido del Futuro, the Equinoxe team has put its sound in front of the former « Sonido ». In 2018 it is in front of the PicNic that equinox settles. The opportunity to discover new faces or to see long-time friends.   Here are some audio or video moments from the 2018 edition